Project options

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Topic films and infographics

We’ll help you to explain what your service does and what your project aims to achieve with a film or animation. Showing in a video what you do and why is very powerful.

Topic video (4-10min)

Educational film (4-10 min)

Topic cartoon animation (1-2 min)


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Campaign films

Starting an exciting campaign? Trying to raise awareness? We can help make a video or animation to get more people involved in your work and understand what you are trying to achieve.

Awareness video (2-5 min)

Campaign animation (1-2 min)

Campaign doodle (1-2 min)

Campaign video (2-5 min)

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Evaluation reports and films

We can help you with surveys, semi-structured interviews and focus groups. We collect and analyse data and help you disseminate the data in a report, film, case-study video or animation.

Project evaluation film (4-10 min)

Evaluation animation (1-2 min)


Evaluation doodle (1-2 min)