“Marit designed, directed and delivered our evaluation film about the work of one of our projects  ‘Creatively Co-operative’. She was excellent at putting at ease the parents who participated in the project so that they could share their experiences on camera. The filming of the young people had to show them participating whilst protecting their identities. Marit and her team managed to be unobtrusive and patient to achieve this.

As project manager I feel Marit quickly grasped the brief and responded creatively to the challenges. In addition at the editing stage she ensured that all our key messages were covered and a final product that satisfied a range of audiences including the funder” 

EDG – Co-operative Projects Manager


“Dr Marit Boot, Director of Powellite CIC (Research, project management and film production) completed, in October 2019, “Research into how parents respond to and use safety information and equipment to keep their child safe at home” for RoSPA Scotland.  Dr Boot responded to RoSPA Scotland’s brief in January 2019 for researchers to tender for the work in a very thorough and well thought way that included track record, method and experience with previous projects within the NHS.

RoSPA regularly facilitates projects at a community level and Dr Boot brought with her a wealth of experience in engaging on projects delivered in local settings. Throughout the project which involved the delivery of safety information and resources to areas of deprivation (in a Keeping Kids Safe pack) she engaged with all the partners involved in the project in a very professional, understanding and courteous manner and provide regular updates to those involved in both the delivery and facilitation. Dr Boot very quickly demonstrated a good understanding of the subject matter of child safety and RoSPA staff felt comfortable from the outset that she was sympathetic to the cause.

As well as attending the Research Reference Group,  and carrying out individual interviews with the members of those meetings, Dr Boot conducted interviews with the recipients of the safety packs and was successful in ensuring sufficient feedback to enable the production of a good quality research report.  The report will be distributed to child safety practitioners and others with a role to play in the wider areas of health of children in general and provides excellent information for others wishing to carry out similar projects. The research will be used by RoSPA and others in the field of child injury prevention to reinforce the benefits of initiatives where safety resources are distributed to those most in need.

Dr Boot met all timelines throughout the length of the project which was delivered between June and September 2019.

RoSPA was able to benefit from Powellite’s experience in preparing short videos and staff were delighted to be included in a video related to the project.  Throughout the filming both Dr Boot and the filming crew were understanding and professional and worked well with the RoSPA staff, making them feel at ease, and with a young child and his mother to produce a good quality video which will be used out with the initial project by not only RoSPA but by wider health practitioners.  The film entitled ‘Keep Kids Safe in the Home’ has been entered into the Charity Film Awards. Should further opportunities arise for similar research requirements and/or video production relating to RoSPA projects in the future there would be no hesitation in inviting Powellite CIC to tender for this work.”

Community Safety Manager, RoSPA Scotland

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