Project options

Data analysis, economic modelling and infographics

We develop surveys and conduct semi-structured interviews to measure the impact of services and programmes of work. We collect and analyse data, study the economic impact and present the data in a report, infographic, animation or film. Several examples:



Evaluation animation (1-2 min)

Evaluation doodle (1-2 min)

Campaign films and animations

Starting an exciting campaign? Trying to raise awareness?  We make videos and animations so more people support the work of social enterprises and charities. Our films support fundraising activities and are effective in raising awareness. Several examples:

Campaign animation (1-2 min)

Campaign doodle (1-2 min)

Campaign video (2-5 min)

Cartoon animation (1-2 min)

Awareness video (2-5 min)

Case study videos and topic films

We help organisations to highlight the impact of their work with case study videos. Hearing personal stories from service users or programme participants is very powerful.  We also develop clear and engaging films about complex and sensitive topics. Several examples:

Topic film (4-10min)

Educational film (4-10 min)

Participants evaluation film (4-10 min)