Previous projects

So far we have developed a range of reports, infographics, animations and more than 60 videos. Previous projects include:

Analysis – Reviewing the impact and media reach of the Unlocking Ambition Programme

We have analysed and reported on the media reach of the work of the participants of the Unlocking Ambition Programme

Evaluation – Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travel Fellowships

We have been collecting and analysing data from WCMT Fellows between 2010-2020 about their Fellowship experience and how it impacted on their career, networks and personal lives.

Research – Keeping Kids Safe at Home


For the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, we developed a survey and conducted semi-structured interviews with healthcare professionals and parents of children under 12 months old to research parents’ understanding of risks to young children at home and measure the impact of the Keeping Kids Safe pack.  800 Keeping Kids Safe Packs were handed out by Health Visitors and the Family Nurse Partnership to parents in Edinburgh and the Lothians  (March 2019 – September 2019). This is the report. The key messages provided with the pack were filmed by Powellite CIC and RoSPA Scotland staff.

Creatively Cooperative Logo 2017

Service Evaluation – Creatively Cooperative EDG

We evaluated the service impact of the Creatively Cooperative project by the Edinburgh Development Group (November 2018 – January 2019). We interviewed service users, project partners and project managers about the delivery and impact of the project. We delivered a high quality video with interviews and also a short summary animation for Social Media.


Patient information videos – What? Why? Children in Hospital

We have developed 40 videos for the What? Why? Children in Hospital charity. The videos prepare children for tests such as ECG, Echo and Sleep Studies (August 2015-January 2019).

This is an example of our work ‘What happens when my child has an ECG?’ This video helps to reduce anxiety in children and parents when they need to visit the hospital to have their heart checked.


Supporting elderly patients with asthma or COPD – Going2Hospital

This project was funded by The Scottish Government.  The video shows elderly patients how to correctly use their inhaler and how different inhaler devices can overcome problems with coordination and breathing strength. Going2Hospital videos show hospital tests and treatments in the adult hospital. Not knowing what is going to happen or how to use equipment can make patients very anxious (June 2018-January 2019).

Short trailer developed for the launch of the inhalers videos:

Raising Awareness Brain Tumour Symptoms – Leighanne Easton Project Brain Tumour Action

For the Leighanne Easton family we developed a series of videos sharing the experiences of young people with brain tumours to help raise awareness of the early symptoms of brain tumours (May 2018-November 2018).

Funding Impact Analysis – DCDP

For the DCDP project we analysed the impact of a new funding initiative. Project partners were asked to rate the project’s impact in a 10 areas of work in a quantitive survey and qualitative interview (October-November 2017).